About Us

Cardiff Surf Co. is a family owned business, known for our in house brand Iron Cross Surfboards. Jeff Grygera shapes the boards and his son Jay Grygera does the glassing. Our boards are made in Oceanside, California from start to finish. If you don't see what you want off the rack they specialize in custom boards.

 Jeff Grygera’s surfboard-building career started at the age of 12. By the time he was 15, he was the youngest employee working for the largest surfboard manufacturing in the world. The protégée of the most renowned builders in the industry.

At age 18 he began producing his own label. When he was 30 he was lead shaper and granted a US license for Lightning Bolts Surfboards. Building and specializing in big wave guns worldwide his career had expanded into international notoriety and respect. With hands-on in the production of over 50,000 surfboards, Grygera’s influence and Ocean knowledge as a waterman is displayed on every board. His ability to hand shape a shortboard, classic longboard, fish, gun, or SUP makes him one of the most versatile shapers of today.

Jay who is Jeff's son started surfing at the age of 5. Whose dream was to work in the surf industry so he could surf as much as possible. He started working in his dad's factory at the age of 17. Jay has been laminating and glassing boards for production factories for nearly 20 years. You can find Jay now glassing the Iron Cross Surfboards or working at our store in Cardiff by the sea.

Our goal is to sell cool local gear and to make quality surfboards for everyone's needs. Stop by today to support local.